It takes a lot for the Retail Bridal Association (RBA) to hand out its much-coveted accolade – they say it’s reserved for only “the finest bridal shops in the UK”.

So, we’re beyond delighted to be one of just three boutiques in northeast Scotland with an RBA accreditation! It’s something every bridal house owner aspires to and we’ve been working towards it for years.

It’s our gold seal of approval… And the ultimate reassurance for you that you’re buying from a professional, independent boutique. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Here’s what this gold seal of approval means for you, and why it’s worth seeking out an RBA-accredited store when making one of the most important purchases of your life:

1. Everything is above board
All RBA members are independent, VAT-registered retailers who pay business rates to their local council. And they’ve been trading for at least five years from bricks and mortar premises. In other words, it’s very, very, VERY unlikely they’ll unexpectedly close during your bridal journey.

Health and safety is paramount, too and the pandemic means that ticking this box has never been more important.

It all sounds like common sense, we know, but you’d be surprised at what’s out there! RBA accreditation means you’re definitely playing it safe.

2. You’re supporting an independent business
More now than ever, everyone’s shopping local. Visiting an RBA-accredited boutique guarantees you’re doing that because each member is a privately-owned shop with no connection to chains.

With the help of RBA, we’re small independents with big business strength!

3. Quality is key, from dresses to dedication of the team
The RBA performs rigorous stock checks and only the best quality wedding dresses are acceptable. So, you can browse with comfort that each and every gorgeous gown comes from a genuine, reputable dress designer.

And when it comes to service, get ready to have your expectations exceeded! The RBA demands professional client care – each and every bride should be spoiled in the special way she deserves.

This part, of course, comes extremely naturally to us and we’re so proud to be known for the exquisite Midnight Elegance bridal experience.

4. LOADS of truly happy brides have been there before you
Part of the judging process involves looking at the treasured thank you notes and photos boutiques get from brides. We’re not going to lie… It took them a while to get through ours!

So, the RBA’s gold seal of approval means the boutique has thousands of happy clients who’ve found ‘The One’… And you could be next!

5. You’ll always be looked after, no matter what happens
When you buy from an RBA-accredited shop, you can register your purchase with the Bridal Assurance Scheme (BAS).

This means that in the extremely rare event of the shop having to involuntarily close (rest assured that in its 20 years no RBA shop has ever gone into voluntary liquidation, and Midnight Elegance is definitely here to stay!) you could contact the RBA.

They’d try to source your specific dress from the designer and have it delivered to you or another RBA shop.

We’d love to welcome you to our RBA-accredited boutique and show you exactly why we’re one of the country’s best bridal houses. Click here to make your appointment to enjoy the intimate, luxurious and exclusive Midnight Elegance experience.